Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TopBox October 2012

Hi All,

I finally received my very first TopBox today, a day late thanks to Canada Post (oh well). I signed up in the beginning of July and have been on the wait-list all this time. If you have been on the wait-list for a long time, make sure you have submitted your payment information, I'm pretty sure this moves people ahead. All of this waiting I think made me really excited for this box and also created high expectations for it, which may not have been a good thing.

I like the packaging and the size of the box, as it fits into my mailbox, unlike GlossyBox. When I open the box a Lush-like scent rushes out and I'm looking at a purple scrunched tissue. lol :) Let's see what I got:


Hi all!

I follow several beauty gurus on Youtube and many of them have been talking about JewelMint. For those who are unfamiliar, JewelMint is basically a beauty box monthly subscription where you get a piece of jewelry of your choice. It is based out of US but they ship to Canada (with a catch, see below).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be fine Skin Care review from August GlossyBox

I got this little box of 5 samples in my August Glossybox and I got really excited about these samples. The pictures and claims on the box made me think this was an all natural product, maybe an alternative to 100% Pure. I soon figured out that it was not so. Here are the details: