Friday, November 23, 2012

November TopBox

Oh my, I have been crazy busy lately. I finally got a job and then 3 more! lol I had to quit the original hire. So now I'm down to 3 jobs but only for the month of December. In the new year I should have just 2 part-time jobs. It's the end of the semester (exams start in 2 weeks! :$) as well as sales/ time to go shopping for Christmas gifts time. I definitly have a lot on my plate but I'm kind of excited about it, call me crazy.

Anyway, my November Topbox finally arrived on Tuesday, a day later than Canada Post anticipated, to be expected though. I was pleasantly surprised with this box and this time I didn't cheat and look up others reviews, I kinda like it this way :)

So this is the picture of my info card, supposedly these were the products that I should have received.

However, I didn't not get 3 out of 4 products listed but got others that I am much happier with, so no complaints here!

This is what I got:

1. Benefit They Are Real mascara, sample/ trial size in black. I have never tried this mascara before so I'm very excited to test this out.

2. Pari lip paint in Red. I can honestly say I've never heard of this brand before. The texture of this product is like a liquid dry lipstick, it smells very nice (sweet, maybe vanila-ish), very opaque! I don't usually go for reds and I don't own any, but there are times that call for a bright red lip and now I have a solution for it. This is a perfect addition to my collection.

3. China Glaze nail laquer in "I Herd That" (no I did not misspel) this polish is very glittery looks better on the nails than in the bottle and is very complimentary to my skin tone. Again, I don't own any China Glaze and have been itching to try, so very happy to receive this in my box as well.

4. Love Struck eau de parfum by Vera Wang 4ml I like the smell and it's a good size sample. The only complaint I have is that it's not a spray sample bottle, it's just a twist cap which I find quite a bit inconvenient.

I have previously received 2 Luxe boxes, 4 Glossy and 1 TopBox and I must say this is the best box I have received so far. I am very excited about all of the products I received and glad I got what I got and not what's written on my info card :P

Till next time,

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